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High Quality Wood Care Products - Wood Flooring Engineered Ltd


Bespoke Wood Floor Staining & Colour Matching

We offer a unique colour matching service for wood flooring stains and can replicate / product match finishes . Add texture  / enhance grain structure with finishes including Distressed, Antiqued, Weathered. Enhance floor-boards with a bevelled edge or further definition with  a machined gap (gappy finish) bespoke manufacturers, the impossible often becomes the possible!


Styles come and go, and wood flooring is no exception, the first and most important item of furniture in an interior .... creating the back-drop , focal point or supporting role to your interior scheme. An almost unlimited range of stains are available to meet this demand, we have these specifically produced to our clients’ requirements. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to colour match or product match  from  a sample  / image you have in mind.


Scandinavian Style Douglas Fir Flooring

Douglas Fir flooring with a white lye & soap effect stain is amongst our most popular styles.This is a technique popular in Scandinavia that lightens wood for a sophisticated, paler look. The wood is  bleached with lye and finished with a soap treatment. Douglas Fir lends itself beautifully to a white finish. An iconic example is the Saatchi Gallery in London where the Douglas Fir floor has been finished with white lye and soap. The lye - lightens the floor and the soap - whitens it further, plus protects against dirt and grease. The soap finish is also needed to maintain a suitable moisture content within solid Douglas Fir flooring by slowing the exchange of moisture from the wood to the surrounding atmosphere, thus keeping it  stable.
White Lye and Soap finish requires extremely regular maintenance to maintain its contemporary chic. A white Lye & Soap finish requires regular re-application to maintain both the bleached look and maintain protection to the floor.
In response to this we have created a natural white / grey stain - Saatchi that gives the same bleached look of White Lye, but allowing the grain of the timber to permeate but sealed in with a UV matt / semi sheen oil to provide a durable low-maintenance alternative.

Finishing cost £6.50m2 + V.A.T.



Scandinavian Style White Ash Flooring


If you love the contemporary luxe of Douglas Fir but require a durable timber - Douglas Fir is a soft-wood and will therefore dent very easily, we recommend our Ash - Saatchi  for a hard-wearing scandinavian style with a white or grey stain applied. Ash as well as being amongst the most durable hardwoods for flooring and takes a stain exceptionally well).

Engineered Ash - Saatchi  provides an extremely similar, contemporary floor but with inherent durability and minimal maintenance.



Nature Oil Finish


A clear oil will intensify the warmth of tones of a timber and over time and exposure to sunlight this golden patina will deepen. If you prefer to change the appearance of light coloured timbers as little as possible, then this is the perfect finish. Our Nature Oil contains a small amount of white pigment which neutralises the warming  / yellowing effect which is seen when a clear oil is applied on its own.

This finish is unsuitable as a base coat on darker coloured timbers.

 Character Grade Engineered Oak flooring - Nature Oil finish applied to retain and enhance the natural light grey hues within the Oak (and no yellowing). This Natural finish was popular last year but its popularity shows no sign of waning in 2017 and creates a timeless floor and a neutral backdrop for an interior.


Grey has been popping up all over interior design trends, and wooden flooring now has its turn. It’s the new neutral but it’s different and unexpected. A great base, more pronounced than our Nature Oil finish ....but not a show-stealer. Grey hues lend themselves beautifully to our European Oak (pictured below) and Appalachian Oak engineered flooring.

We can colour match stains and replicate finishes from a sample or image, to create your perfect floor … as bespoke manufacturers, the impossible often becomes the possible!














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